Any person who subscribes to and desires to further the goals and purposes of the Broadway Democrats shall be eligible for membership. In order to vote in club elections (endorsements, elections of officers, judicial convention, amendments), you must:

  • have attended at least one of the previous nine monthly public meetings,
  • pay your dues, and
  • be an enrolled Democrat registered to vote from an address in the Club’s area*.

Dues are $25; senior dues are $10. (Dues partially defray the costs of presenting forums and putting out a monthly newsletter.)

Proxy voting

Each voting member shall be entitled to one vote, to be cast in person or by proxy, except that each proxy vote shall be cast according to the following rules:

  • a voting member who expects to be absent from a meeting may cast a proxy vote at that meeting for himself or herself only;
  • the proxy must be signed by the giver, or otherwise identified as bona fide;
  • the proxy giver must designate the name of the proxy carrier, who must be a voting member of the Club;
  • the proxy carrier may carry only one proxy.

Download a blank proxy.

*Broadway Democrats is the official Democratic organization in the 69th Assembly District, Part C. For purposes of voting eligibility, the Club’s area shall be the 69th Assembly District, plus the five blocks formerly in the 69th Assembly District that were moved to the 67th Assembly District in the Redistricting Plan effective January 1, 2003, plus the block in the 70th Assembly District bounded by Tiemann Place, Broadway, West 125th St., and Riverside Drive.