About the Club

District Leaders Steering Committee
Curtis Arluck
Paula Diamond Román
Contact: districtleaders@broadwaydemocrats.org Gretchen Borges
Club Officers Susan Crawford
Noah Kaufman, President Katie Hanner
Amy Porter, Vice President David Isaacson
Luis Román, Treasurer Bob Liff
Shelby Drescher, Secretary Zoila Marté
Joe Nunley
Mary Peppito
Richard A. Siegel
Barbara Trelstad
Alexandra Woods
Dan Zweig

Club Boundaries

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Mission Statement

This Club is established in response to the conviction that the United States, New York State and New York City are obligated to use their resources and powers:

  • to insure their citizens an adequate standard of living;
  • to guarantee their employment;
  • to assure decent housing for everyone;
  • to provide adequate health care for everyone;
  • to effect a more equitable distribution of wealth;
  • to regulate the power of business corporations, public utilities and other institutions;
  • to equalize opportunity for everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or age;
  • to encourage an American foreign policy which promotes the right of people throughout the world to govern themselves
  • to provide a complete education for everyone
  • to protect the benefits of our natural and cultural environment;

and that, despite its shortcomings, the Democratic Party is potentially the best vehicle for achieving these necessary social and economic changes;

and that to this end, this Club is committed:

  • to providing assistance to people in obtaining services they need through increasing the access to and accountability of elected and appointed officials;
  • to encouraging the participation of its members and other concerned persons in formulating new priorities and policies for our society;
  • to involving everyone in the community, including those who may not have previously participated in the political process, in finding solutions to community problems;
  • to endorsing candidates for Party and public office who are dedicated to furthering the principles, priorities and policies of this Club; to securing the adoption of such policies and priorities by the Democratic Party and by the State and Federal Governments;
  • to working closely with elected officials on issues and problems of concern to the community;
  • to continuing reform of the Democratic Party toward adherence to democratic processes and the elimination of abuses of political power;
  • to cooperating with like-minded organizations in achieving common goals.

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